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ROS Code 1.0 Documentation

Deprecation Notice

ROS Code 1.0 is deprecated and is not recommended for use in production. However, the file still exists but in a different name:

Inaccurate Information

The following content has been imported directly from the old documentation with little to no modification. Be aware that the information may not be accurate.

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The Easiest Way To Code

The Code Icon Open Source: This project is open source and the stable version is kept bug-free.
An Image Of A Flag Our Goal: Our goal is to make it easier for people to code in python with a single library.
The Copyright Symbol Copyright: This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.
The Download Logo Download: Our fast and secure download servers will quickly download the installer.
An Image Of A Cog Setup And Install: Our express and pup-free installer will quickly install everything for you.
The Bug Icon Bugs: If you find a bug, you can easily report it at our Github Page.
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Build Status Current Issues Current Forks Current Stars Current License Current Release