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ROS Code Commands

Documentation Version

The current version of this documentation complies with ROS Code v1.11.0-release

Command Usage Tip
isprime(number) Check If A Number Is A Prime Number
paraspace(paragraphspaces=1) Make A Paragraph Space Change paragraphspaces=1 to the amount of paragraph spaces you want to make.
splitstring(string, split_character=’ ‘) Split A String Change split_character=’ ‘ to the character you want to split your string by.
sort(list, key=None) Sort A List Change key=None to customize the sorting otherwise it will be sorted in alphabetical order.
pykeyword(operation=’list’, keywordtotest=None) Check If A Keyword Relates To Python operation=’list’ can be changed to ‘list’ or ‘check’. If You want to check if a keyword relates to python change the operation to ‘check’ and enter the keyword you want to check in keywordtotest=None.
isfib(number) Check If A Number Is In The Fibonacci Sequence
bintobool(integer) Convert 0 Or 1 To False Or True Change integer to 0 to get True And 1 to get False.
modulereload(modulename) Reload A Module
exitexecution(arguments=None) Exit The Execution Change arguments=None to use custom arguments.
warnconfig(action=’default’) Configure Warnings action=’default’ can be changed to default, error, ignore, always, module and once.
pycopyright() Print Python Copyright Information
message_print(text) Print A Message
equation(operation, firstnum, secondnum) Solve A Maths Equation operation can be changed to plus, minus, multiply and divide.
scientific(number, operation, logbase=10) Preform Scientific Operations operation can be changed to log, acos, asin, atan, cos, hypot, sin and tan. logbase=10 can be changed to the base of the number you are using for log-based operations.
compare(value1, value2, comparision) Compare 2 Values comparison can be changed to or, is or and.
comparenum(value1, value2, comparison) Compare 2 Numbers comparison can be changed to equals, not equal, less than, greater than(or more than), less than or equal to and greater than or equal to(or more than or equal to).
dayofweek(day, month, year, format=True) Get The Day Of The Week For A Specific Day format=True can be changed to False to return the day id instead of the day name for example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
leapyear(year, querytype=’is’) Check If A Year Is A Leap Year querytype=’is’ can be changed to is to check if a year is a leap year and closest to find how many years after or before the closest leap year.
tokhex(length=10, urlsafe=False) Return A Random String In Hexadecimal Changing length=10 to another number changes the length of the random string and change urlsafe=False to True will make the random string URL-safe.
face(facetype=’smiley’) Show A Type Of Face facetype=’smiley’ can be changed to smiley, straight or sad
constant(constanttype) Get A Constant constanttype can be changed to pi, e, tau, inf or nan
power(number, power) Find The Power Of A Number
squareroot(number) Find The Squareroot Of A Number
average(numbers, type=’mean’) Do An Average Command mean can be changed to mean, mode, median, mix, max or range
throwerror(errortext) Throw A Runtime Error
store(value) Store A Value In The ros_stored Variable
delay(seconds) Delay For A Specific Amount Of Seconds
wait_enter() Waits For The User To Press Enter
convertstring(value) Convert A Variable To A String
opposite(boolean) Return The Opposite Of A Boolean
isdecimal(value) Check If A Number Is A Decimal
isstring(variable) Check If A Variable Is A String
istype(variable, typeexpected) Check If A Variable Is A Specific Type typeexpected can be changed to anything(string, integer, float…)
isinteger(value) Check If A Number Is An Integer (Full Number)
isboolean(value) Check For A Boolean
isnumber(value) Check If A Value Is Convertable To A Number (Decimal And Integer)
happybirthday(person) Sing Happy Birthday
case(variable, argument=’uppercase’) Change The Casing Of Text argument=’uppercase’ can be changed to uppercase, lowercase and sentence
numprop(value, propertyexpected) Check If A Number Is A Type propertyexpected can be changed to triangular, square, cube, even, odd, positive, negative and zero
posnegtoggle(number) Toggle A Number Between Positive And Negative
difference(num1, num2) Find The Difference Between 2 Numbers
isempty(variable) Check If A Variable Is Empty
isinfinite(variable) Check If A Variable Is Infinite
length(value) Find The Length Of A Value
cowsay(text=’‘, align=’centre’) Simulate A Cow Saying Text align can be changed to left, centre(or center) and right.
getletter(variable, letternumber) Get The Corresponding Letter In A String Change letternumber to get the corresponding letter in that place for example if variable is Hello World and letternumber is 2 you will get e.
chancegame(gamename=’dice’) Play A Chance Game You can also play dice, coin, truth and yes.
onlist(list, item) Check If Something Is On The List
charlimit() Get The Character Limit
unilimit() Get The Highest Unicode Value
platform() Get The Current Platform
less_or_equal(number) Get The Largest Integer Less Than Or Equal To
jointext(firststring, secondstring) Join Two Strings
dirtool(operation, directory) Tools For Directories (If Exists, Make And Delete) operation can be changed to exists, make and delete.
filedownload(source, destination) Download A File
file(operation, path) Tools For Files (If Exists, Make And Delete) operation can be changed to exists, make and delete.
text(operation, path, argument) Tools For Text Files argument can be changed to the text you want to use and operation can be changed to write or append.
about() About Information
convertbinary(value, argument) Convert Text To Binary Form argument can be to or from.
reversetext(text, ignoretype=False) Make The Text Forwards Or Backwards If you change ignoretype=False to True you will be given a string even if your number is not a string(for example an integer).
convertbase(number, base=10) Convert A Base 10 Number To A Custom Base
convertsymbol(value, command) Convert A ASCII Value To A Symbol command can be changed to from and to.
gettype(value) Get The Type Of A Value
availchar(charactertype) Get All Available Charaters For A Type charactertype can be letters, lowercase, uppercase, digits, hexdigits, punctuation, printable and whitespace.
wordvalue(word) Get The Value Of A Word
textbetween(variable, firstnum=None, secondnum=None, type=’regular’) Get The Text Between Two Parts You can change type=’regular’ to regular, toend or tostart.
letternum(letter) Get The Number Corresponding To A Letter
yearlimit(limittype) Get Maximum And Minimum Years This is the maximum and minimum years your computer can handle before crashing. limittype can be changed to min and max.
timezone() Get The Timezone Code
randomnum(minimum, maximum) Get A Random Number
openurl(url) Open A Link In A Webbrowser
newwindow(url) Open A Link In A New Window Of A Webbrowser
newtab(url) Open A Link In A New Tab Of A Webbrowser
getbrowser() Get The Name Of The Browser Currently Being Used
randomstr(valuelist) Choose A Random Item From A List
timesince() Get The Time Since 00:00 On 1 January 1970
userinput(prompttext) Get User input The user will be prompted with prompttext and their response will be returned.
licence(raw=False) Licence Information If you change raw=False to True then icons will not be displayed.