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Packages Used By ROS Code

The following list outlines all the packages used by ROS Code - useful if building from source.


  • Python 3.x or later (Also backwards compatible with Python 2.x)
  • Pip (Refer to the Pip Documentation)

Executing code

pip install clipboard colour


The clipboard package allows access to the clipboard to perform related actions. pip install clipboard


The colour package includes support colour based operations. pip install colour

Lorem Ipsum

The loremipsum package is able to generate ipsum on demand. pip install loremipsum

Also required for code execution


The future package allows backwards compatibility with Python 2.x but is also required in Python 3.x to prevent module not found exceptions pip install future

Important Note

The following packages and steps are already automated in the consistent integration service when pushing to a branch

Building documentation

pip install mkdocs mkdocs-material pymdown-extensions pygments sphinx


The mkdocs package is the core tool for building the documentation. pip install mkdocs

Mkdocs Material

The mkdocs material package is a addon for mkdocs which enables a Material Design theme. pip install mkdocs-material

Pymdown Extensions

Pymdown extensions is a package which adds a number of markdown plugins. pip install pymdown-extensions


Pygments is also a package providing markdown plugins. pip install pygments


The Sphinx package is responsible for generating the commands documentation. pip install -U sphinx

Code checking

pip install flake8 pylint


Flake8 is a package which checks code against the Flake8 specification pip install flake8


Pylint is another package, like Flake8 which checks code againt the Pep8 specification pip install pylint

Automatic code optimisation and fixing

pip install autopep8 autoflake


The package Autopep8 optimises what it can to work with the Pep8 specification


The package Autoflake optimises what it can to work with the Flake8 specification

This step is automised in the consistient integration service when pushing to a branch

Python environment and Pipfile generator


Pipenv is a Python environment and Pipfile generator. It creates a virtual environment to run the code in and generates a Pipfile and Pipfile.lock for usage in the future. pip install Pipenv