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def ros.main.shellinput
def ros.main.colourcode
def ros.main.changecolour
def ros.main.leadingzero
def ros.main.absolutenum
def ros.main.splitstring
def ros.main.sort
def ros.main.pykeyword
def ros.main.prettyprinter
def ros.main.genipsum
def ros.main.bintobool
def ros.main.modulereload
def ros.main.warnconfig
def ros.main.message_print
def ros.main.shapesides
def ros.main.comparenum
def ros.main.throwerror
def ros.main.getstored
def ros.main.delay
def ros.main.wait_enter
def ros.main.convertstring
def ros.main.opposite
def ros.main.isdecimal
def ros.main.isstring
def ros.main.istype
def ros.main.isinteger
def ros.main.isboolean
def ros.main.happybirthday
def ros.main.difference
def ros.main.divisable
def ros.main.isempty
def ros.main.length
def ros.main.cowsay
def ros.main.getletter
def ros.main.onlist
def ros.main.jointext
def ros.main.about
def ros.main.pyname
def ros.main.convertbinary
def ros.main.reversetext
def ros.main.reverselist
def ros.main.replacetext
def ros.main.userinput
def ros.main.evaluate
def ros.main.execute
def ros.main.gettype
def ros.main.pingtest
def ros.main.convertascii
def ros.main.availchar
def ros.main.wordvalue
def ros.main.enum
def ros.main.textbetween
def ros.main.letternum
def ros.main.spacelist
def ros.main.numlistbetween
def ros.main.textalign
def ros.main.decintfix
def ros.main.roslicense