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Welcome To The ROS Code Documentation


ROS Code is a revolutionary, modern and pleasing programming language to code in featuring a streamlined and speedy installation, a very straightforward and simplistic syntax and is provided as a Python 3 library.

It is recommended that you to watch the overview video.

Continuous Integration Status

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Chat Services

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Open Source

This project is completely open source with contributions welcomed and a withstanding goal of keeping the stable version as bug free as possible.

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop a programming language which can be easily understood by programming beginners, intermediates and experts alike.


This project is licensed under the open source certified Apache License 2.

Content Delivery

Our fast content delivery network is capable of quickly and seamlessly downloading all the required files and assets for your project and for ROS Code itself to function.


The speedy, secure installation flow allows you to quickly install the runtime and compilation service with minimal effort.


Any new or existing bugs and feature requests can easily be posted in the issues section of the official GitHub repository.